About Your Favorite Esty


Meet Le'Asia!

There's two things in life that you should never do, never give up and never doubt yourself. I am a strong believer  in accomplishing all that you wish to do, no matter what, and looking good while doing it! My goal is to help, build, and change people lives. I always have been someone who loved to take care of people, but I also loved the beauty industry so I decided to put them together by becoming a Licensed Aesthetician. Becoming an aesthetician was one of the best decisions I ever made. Being able to help change the way a person feels about themselves means the world to me. I take pride in my career and I plan to grow, build relationships and confidence within my clients. I aim to please, while also providing you with information to help upkeep your new image. Take the time out to relax and enjoy yourself with Your Favorite Esty, you deserve it!