Le'Asia Lively

Your Favorite Esty


Your Favorite Esty was created to shed light on enhancing youself for yourself. I wanted to put together my passion and history for taking care of people and my high interest in the beauty industry into one.

Your Favorite Esy is built on a foundation of loving what I do and who I do it for. With Your Favorite Esty you can be yourself. Its a place where you can be comfortable, build a relationship, and feel safe in expressing yourself; while also being serviced as a guest not a customer. There is no judgment on beauty and there is no limit on being yourself. My number one goal is to help you be the best beautiful you can be! Come in and enjoy one of the best 1 on 1 services and a build a connection that you will never forget!



This is not your average spa, this is not your average beauty service. I always wanted to be different and stand out, and I make sure to show it in my services. I was ALWAYS into false lashes for as long as I can remember! I would do house services, and have some clients come over to my grandmothers house to provide individual lashes. I loved it! I then stopped due to life experiences and continued working as a full time CNA. I was a CNA for about 7 years before I decided to change my career completely. I was in my one bedroom apartment and thought to myself, "how can I do what I love but also try something different?"  I then decided to start doing false lashes again. As I was doing that as a service in my home, I continued my research and found out about lash extensions. so I then added that to my services but got discouraged because it wasn't popular and my clientele did not grow. two years later I decided to go back to school and begin lash extensions again in order to grow my life and career. Your Favorite Esty was then created providing services that are all about the skin, lashes, and brows but most importantly fulfilling your beauty desire.