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Brow Care

Brow care is very important. Your brows frame your face and they are usually the first thing most people notice on another person. To take care of your brows its always best that you book for a Brow Care service every 3-4 weeks (with no plucking/tweezing in between) to receive a clean up by using wax and trim to stay looking your best.  Come and reach your brow goals!


Brow Wax-  by using honey wax, which is great for all skin and hair types, i will clean up and shape your brows. This service is usually 30 minutes, it also includes brow tint for a semi-permanent fill in if needed.

Brow Shaping - this service is perfect for people who haven't received an eyebrow service in a super long time or not at all, and need to be reshaped, and cleaned up. With this service I will finish your brow off with a semi- permanent fill in to achieve the best shape if needed, and a highlighter to finish.

Brow Tint - using an organic tint, which is safe for all skin types, each brow will be filled in. The semi- permanent tint lasts up to 3 weeks. Perfect for someone who wants to save time on filling in their brows every day.