Full Set Lash Extensions

Lash Love is one of our most tedious, and fulfilling services we offer. The process of Lash Extension services is up to 2 hours long and is not painful. I apply each false lash extension to each of your natural eyelash with adhesive. The lash extensions will follow the original cycle of your natural eyelash growth. The way the lash extension is placed it will prevent breakage of your natural lash, and also help your natural lashes to grow from past damage. Lash extensions are light, fluffy, natural, and very manageable. After your service you will receive a home care kit to help you maintain your new lash extensions!

These extensions are perfect if you are looking for a natural look and can also be customized into different styles. Different styles include Doll Set, Barbie Set (open- eye), Pretty Girl Set (classic), and Ming Set (cat-eye) and more, using 100% Mink Lash Extensions. Full set comes with bottom lashes or without.

A refill is needed due to the process of your natural hair growth. The hair goes through an anagen stage causing your natural lashes to be pushed out of the follicle, at this point your lash extension will fall with that lash as well. Remaining would be your new growth of your natural lash.

Demi Set Lash Extensions

These extensions take about a hour for the service and  are not placed on every natural lash, only about 50%-75% out of your natural lashes are covered.  Great for first timers, clients who don’t want to come back for monthly refills or clients with already full natural lashes who do not want much.

Kim K Set & Volume Lash Extensions

 If you are looking for glamour, full, and fluffy, Volume are the perfect lash extensions for you. Volume Lashes come in different sizes from 3D to 5D, the higher the number the more volume you will have. These lash extensions will not harm your natural lash even with the fan due to the way its placed,  the light weight of the lashes and it follows your natural lash cycle. Kim K Set and aka Hybrid extensions and The Fancy Set are a mix of the classic lash extensions and volume lash extensions combined. Hybrid is perfect for someone who wants the perfect balance and fluff!

Lash Lift       

Great service for clients who want darker and a lasting curl on their natural lashes without eyelash curlers and mascara. Lash tint also helps to make your lashes appear fuller. It last up to 8 weeks and you can choose from a J curl or a C curl. Painless and easy, no home care recommended, after service you can get up and go!

Lash Tint             

This service is for people who want that darker natural lash without the hassle of mascara. It lasts up to 4 weeks, and its quick, easy, and painless. The semi-permanent organic tint used is not harmful to clients with sensitive skin, and can benefit all ages and ethnicities.